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    3. 福特宏曄化工

      Fute Hongye Chemical


      Production and export of benzene sulfonamide (annual production capacity of 600 tons), 2000 tons of diphenylsulfone and sodium benzene sulfite and other products

      Benzene Sulfochloride


      ?  CAS NO.: 98-09-9

      ?  Molecular formula:


      ?  Molecular weight: 176.6

      Benzene Sulfonamide


      ?  CAS NO.: 98-10-2

      ?  Molecular formula:


      ?  Molecular weight: 157.19

      Benzenesulfinic Acid


      ?  CAS NO.: 873-55-2

      ?  Molecular formula:


      ?  Molecular weight: 164.15

      Diphenyl sulfone


      ?  CAS NO.: 127-63-9

      ?  Molecular formula:


      ?  Molecular weight: 218.2716



      ?  CAS NO.: 3622-84-2

      ?  Molecular formula:


      ?  Molecular weight: 213.3


      Professional manufacturer of benzenesulfonyl chloride

      Reliable quality

      Considerate service

      A bright future


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      Fute Hongye Chemical

      Established in the early days of the founding of the People’s Republic of China, with a long history

      Jiangsu Fute Hongye Chemical Co., Ltd. Construction Material Chemical CO.,LTD. formerly known as Zhenjiang Construction Material Chemical Factory, is one of the earliest benzenesulfonyl chloride manufacturers and exporters in China. The factory was established in the early years since the founding of new China, and now it is a larger benzenesulfonyl chloride manufacturer. The annual output of benzenesulfonyl chloride is 2000-2500 tons. The product has been well received by customers in Japan, Southeast Asia, Europe, the U.S. and other countries...

      Enterprise tenet

      Taking science and technology as the guide and quality as the life

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      Geographical advantages

      Jiangsu Fute Hongye Chemical Co., Ltd. moved to Huai'an Salt Chemical Industrial Park as a whole in 2013, covering an area of 57 acres with convenient water and land transportation.

      Quality advantage

      The company adheres to the tenet of "excellent quality, considerate service", and always adheres to the policy of "survive by quality and development by reputation" and the principle of "mutual benefit and benefit sharing".

      Historical advantage

      We are a manufacturer of benzene sulfonyl chloride and exported it earlier. It was established in the early days of the founding of the People's Republic of China and has a long history. It is currently a large-scale manufacturer in China.

      Service advantage

      For a long time, the company has always adhered to the service concept of "customer first", thinking about what customers think and what they are anxious about. I will try my best if the guest asks for it!

      Jiangsu Fute Hongye Chemical Co., Ltd.

      Add: No. 5 Huaian New Material Industrial Park TGI Avenue

      P.C.: 223001

      General manager: Zhao Hongye +86-13806100565 , Zhao Hongjie +86-13806102197

      Contact: Chen Rong +86-18912838327

      Tel: +86-517-87618822

      Fax: +86-517-87619922

      E-mail: sales@jsfthy.com

      URL: http://www.fthychem.com , http://www.jsfthy.com

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