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    3. 福特宏曄化工

      Fute Hongye Chemical


      Fute Hongye Chemical


      Product Name benzsulfonylbutylamine, long chain nylon softener, BSA
      Name n-butyl-benzenesulfonamide, n-n-butylsulfonide
      Foreign trade name Plastonomoll,BMB
      Structural formula
      Basic nature CAS.No: 3622-84-2
      Molecular formula: C10H15NSO2
      Molecular weight: 213.3
      Melting point: -32°C
      Boiling point: 187-190°C/5mmHg
      LD50: 2050mg/Kg
      Refractive index (20°C): 1.5245
      Density (20°C): 1.1450-1.1520
      Quality Index
      Item Index
      Purity ≤ 99%
      Color < 50(2months)
      PH Valuffte 6.8-7.5
      Refraction(20°C) 1.5220-1.5260
      Density(20°C) 1.1450-1.1520
      Appearance Colorless transparent liquid
      Note: The color of the sample becomes about 200 hazen after being kept at 140°C for 4 hours
      Packaging and storage Packed in plastic barrels, 25 kg per barrel, packed in wooden boxes for external use, 4 barrels per box, stored in a cool place, with a shelf life of one year, and transported as combustibles.

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